8×11, 9×12, 10×13, 11×16


The Tried, Tested and True Silent Pocket® Multishield™ Faraday Tape to seal your Multishield™ Faraday Material is now available for any of your special DIY Projects!

This tape will ensure a complete Faraday Cage Closure and give you the Privacy, Security, and Health you have been looking for!

Make a larger box to secure a Generator from an EMP, Secure a Room, Protect your Emergency Radios, and more!


Dimensions: 1 inch x 10 Feet Long


Silent Pocket® Multishield™ Faraday Tape

Blocks Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, NFC, Key Fob, 3G,4G, 5G, EMP and EMF Radiation Protection.

Sealed tape roll in box with moisture packet™ lost and found recovery service included