Black – All Phone Cameras, Black – Best Day Ever, Black – F*ck This Camera, Black And Blue, Black Out, Grey Out, White Out


Why does every app on your phone, tablet, or computer asks to access your camera?! Like to think about it or not, eavesdropping on your device is happening. Simply place a Camera Privacy Sticker over any lens when not in use and have the peace of mind you deserve. Reusable, Restickable, Versatile


An easy solution to effectively block unauthorized web camera footage
Instantly block eavesdropping. Gain peace of mind
Even the pros use it


  1. 1 sheet of 24 cam covers includes: 8 medium webcam stickers (.4 x.4 in, 1 x 1cm)
  2. 10 small webcam stickers (.3 x .3 in, .75 x .75 cm)
  3. 6 extra small webcam stickers (.2 x .2 in, .5 x .5 cm)